Dienstag, 1. September 2015

Colors & curd

For me light curd or yoghurt with low fat is the best choice for breakfast. It has a lot of protein, low fat and energizes me! In combination with berries, bananas or any other fruit it becomes even healthier and more attractive :p That´s why I wanted to show you some of my ´creations´ with curd/yoghurt and my favorite fruits. It´s really easy to do the right decisions when it comes to breakfast because there are sooo many healthy options that you can choose between. My breakfast varies EVERY DAY. I often have healthy pancakes, cereal, yoghurt, bread, a smoothie bowl or something similar. I really think that if you manage to start your day with rhe right (and enough!) food it will be easier to stay healthy throughout the day.

When I´m up very early and have a long, stressful day I usually add oats/oatmeal or cereal to it because it brings me some more energy to stay active and full until lunch. 
As you can see I really love to play with my breakfast and I really can recommend that because your meals will never be boring again ;)