Montag, 17. August 2015


Sometimes you can´t stay focused
sometimes you feel uninspired
sometimes you feel like there´s no one there to support or to motivate you
sometimes you want to start fresh tomorrow and on the day after tomorrow you realize you diddn´t.
sometimes you feel like you are woth nothing.

YOU have the control. Only YOU are able to be either happy or not.
Having negative thoughts is normal,
having bad days is normal.
and not feeling motivated every day is normal!

But getting back on track is important!
Imagine a better you and take a break from all the negativities in your life.

When I have those "sometimes..."-feelings I leave. I leave the place I was stuck in the last weeks to regenerate. I leave to experience new surroundings, to find inspiration, to fill my body with new energy and to focuse on myself. Thats what I did the last days.

We drove 5 hours to the north before we arrived at the sea. The weather on the first day was warm. Windy but warm. And thats when we went on a small Island. Beautiful beaches, light sand, Dunes and crystal clear water. Things that I love...that the most people love. But not only that was the reason why the trip was so soothing.
The fact that there were no cars and no big streets on the island made my feel free.
No loud noises. small houses in the pure nature. Birds coming close to you because they never had bad experiences with humans.

It´s one thing to visit a place with beautiful beaches, hot weather and with a tropical surrounding. You can find that in so many countries and they all are unique in different ways.
But it´s a different thing to visit a place without a good infrastructure, with pure nature and people who care about their environment. A place with a cold breeze from the sea in your hair and the luke warm sand between your toes. A place without tropical temperatures but a place that forces you to calm down.

And even if the temperature was not higher than 20° celsius, we went swimming.
Because that´s what you do when you visit a place like that. You don´t care about anything. And that´s what You have to do sometimes, even if it doesn´t feel comfortable first ;).

The last days were rainy, windy, cold and grey. And I loved it! The fresh air combined with the wind felt cleansing and was a necessity for a fresh restart. Because thats why I decided to join the trip. There will come a lot of changes in my life in the next time and I just wanted a clear mind before focussing on those new things.
Seeing  the Wadden Sea and exploring it is always a feeling I can´t describe. It holds such a natural beauty and it feels so weird to walk on the ground of the sea! Even if a walk through the wadden sea can be dangerous (if you don´t exactly know the time when the flood will be back) you will not regret it! And yes that´s why it´s on the world heritage list since 2009. And if you plan to visit the Dutch, German or Danish north sea coasts or their islands: You definitely need to visit the sea! Trust me!

And now after my fresh restart I´m ready to plan my year abroad! I´ve been accepted to Udayana University in Bali and will live there for a whole year! I´m sooo excited and I hope everything will turn out as I planned! But first: sleeping and dreaming of the deep blue sea I always fall in love with over and over again :)