Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015

with new energy!


 The last weeks were exhausting: preparing for my exams, moving in my new home, working as a part-time employee... I never had more than 6 hours of sleep per night and there was not much time for friends or even for myself. The only activity I managed to put in my busy shedule was going to the gym and doing some yoga now and then (I would have gained TOO MUCH weight if I diddn´t because of all that unhealthy foods I ate in the hectic rush!). But why did I do that? Why would I bring myself in such an exhausting situation? Well, I know it would be hard but it had to be done because I need to save money for a year I planned to spend abroad in order of my studies. I already applied at one university and hopefully they will accept me (If they do I will tell you immediately!). 
I had no problem with going to Uni in the morning, spending the day at work, doing sports in the late evening and doing some Uni stuff before going to bed because it made me feel good. Not physically- my legs were sore and I often felt sleepy. But it felt good to actually get things done! To know that your TV does not work since 4 weeks when you moved into that new apartment and you don´t even care about that. And it felt good to know that you are getting closer to your goal with every day you´re working hard.

But now that my exams are over I realize that I was in need for some free time. I´m still working part-time but I don´t need to go to Uni for the next three months and thats very relaxing for me (I have to get used to this though). So yesterday I made some healthy and tasty snacks and spent the day in my bed. It was so calming for me and I gathered new energy. I slept like a baby! 
My current situation is: breakfast, blogging and going to the gym now! Have a beautiful week and give all your best!